Bluebonnet Pickers

Just a little introduction of who we are and part of the reason we are doing what we do.  The Pickers here at Bluebonnet Smile are Jessica Behrends Homeyer and me, Katie Behrends.  We are mom and daughter.  Often we are joined by Caitlin Behrends Miller, another daughter and Stephanie Goodman, soon to be daughter-in-law in our love of all things creative.  We can even take this another generation but .......I think you get the message already.

I learned the art of making things from old things years ago from my parents.  My mom was a wonderful seamstress and my dad, when he was not teaching me about the wildflowers, was a master tinkerer, so I guess you could say it is in my jeans  I love the idea of Upcycling.  These traits aparently pass on to the next generation, as my girls, Jessica and Caitlin are also creative and we are thrilled that Stephanie is ready to join in our wacky family.

We are all Texas girls even though jobs, and loves have taken some of us out of the great state for now.  Most of us bleed Maroon, Gig 'em Aggies, and forgive those who follow the burnt orange around.

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